Also in this case Plasdeck demonstrated to be a real innovator launching on the market a product never seen before, which will be included in a new market segment, characterized by the high quality of Plasdeck together whit a low price and environmental impact.

This new product stresses the effort of Plasdeck in making its products always more sustainable (eco-friendly), using all the technology at disposal to achieve this goal.

Plasdeck is the only producer of synthetic teak that completely recycles its product.



ECO-SERIES will be offered alongside the classic PlasDeck line

Plasdeck ECO-Series is created using the leftovers of the production process of the traditional Plasdeck. The result is a product completely circular and ecological, which at the same time has a lower price. Exteriorly, it will be identical to the traditional Plasdeck, but the bottom layers will be constituted entirely by recycled material.

"ECO-Series is available in all the colors, except glowing azure" 


STANDARD: Order your panels in ECO-SERIES ready for installation, with edges or without edges.

DIY: ECO-SERIES DIY allows you to order rectangular panels of the size you prefer. You can then cut them to size for your boat and glue them with our "SYNTEAK GLUE" glue.