Plasdeck is designed and produced in Akron, renowned capital of the plastic polymer, which is studied in collaboration with the best engineers in the plastic field and produced with the more advanced techniques.

Plasdeck continuous research leads to new production techniques and to and an always increasing quality of the materials. It aims at bringing onto the market the best synthetic teak in the world.


Plasdeck is characterized by an unachievable quality of the material, lightness, does not heat and does not age over time. Thanks to the non-migratory oils contained, it is the only synthetic teak that will not produce a dryness effect with the passage of time, maintaining the same appearance forever.


Are you accustomed to the real teak? Forget the continuous and costly maintenance works and enter into the future. Plasdeck can be cleaned from any type of dirt, including fish blood, with a simple high pressure cleaner.


Thanks to the several colors available, Plasdeck offers incomparable customization possibilities. Match the color to the interiors, to the upholstery or just follow your own tastes.



Non-migratory plasticizers

Every type of plastic contains oils that are usually free to move inside it. However, as time passes, these oils migrate to the surface, where they can be washed away, or can move downwards compromising the tightness of the glue.

The oils contained in Plasdeck do not migrate, but are instead fixed in their position. This means that Plastdeck will not dry up and/or molder over time, maintaining at the same time the adhesion to the underlying surface. This process is an exclusive property of Plasdeck, thanks to the several patents owned (USA 7.578.251 and 7.616.791). These characteristics cannot be found in any other synthetic coating on the market.

The best UV protection

Plasdeck is equipped with the best UV protection available on the market. It is the same used for the protection of the plastic components of the cars manufactured by the most renowned automakers. The UV protection technology is distributed through the whole thickness of the material, avoiding that it will be reduced over time.

Antifungal inhibitors

The mold and the funguses can grow in every wet environment. Nevertheless, with the Plasdeck antifungal inhibitors, mold and fungus do not have any chance.

Best adherence

Laboratory tests demonstrated that having a smooth surface on the bottom of Plasdeck allows a better adherence, reducing in this way the usage of adhesives with respect to a grooved underlying surface (a characteristic of other products). Grooved materials are more prone to an early release since it is more difficult to guarantee that all the areas of the grooved design will be covered evenly with glue. This can produce voids, trapping air and humidity under the material, favoring in this way the creation of air bubbles.

Resistant to bleach

With respect to other synthetic decking systems, Plasdeck is not sensible to bleach. This particular material will not fade, allowing the usage of bleach on board without fearing discoloration.


Plasdeck will not make you slip, its anti-skid technology is the best both in wet and dry conditions thanks to the grip provided by its surface.


SYNTEAK is very concerned about the environmental problems. Consequently, it offers a completely recyclable product, the Plasdeck ECO-SERIES. All the production leftovers are recycled by the manufacturer and the finished product, once installed, can be recovered and recycled at the end of its lifecycle.

Synteak is strongly against deforestation and it is proud to give its own small contribution to fight it.


SYNTEAK is attentive to the needs of its customers, even the four-legged ones, often inseparable friends of boat owners of every type and dimension. Plasdeck does not fear in any way the vivacity of your pets, resisting to every type of dirt and damage that they can produce.


Plasdeck has received different prizes thanks to its colors with glow azure lines, which go from a calm and elegant gray tone during the day to a sparkly bright blue color at night. Yes, that's right! Plasdeck glow azure shines thanks to the solar energy accumulated during the day, giving to your boat an incomparable style and a safety light system for the night hours. Ask for more information!

Discover also the colors from the CoolTeak product range, which thanks to their light color will warm even less at contact with your bare feet. In comparison to the light colors of other types of synthetic teak, CoolTeak is very difficult to get dirty thanks to its creamy white color.